Weekly Service

"There will be those who will understand. The Buddha has said open for them are the doors of the deathless" Shan Tao

We offer a regular Wednesday service which runs from 7.30pm to 8.30pm, which includes time for tea and biscuits.

The Wednesday evening services give us a chance to practice together. The primary Pureland practice is nembutsu: reciting the name of Amida Buddha. Amida literally means 'measureless' and we chant in order to put ourselves in relationship with measurless compassion and wisdom and to let some of those qualities into our own lives. We remember the example the Shakyamui Buddha set, appreciate his teachings and all the Buddhist sages who followed him, acknowledge our fallibility as human beings and our gratitude for everything we receive, and appreciate our fellow sangha members who support us on our spiritual journeys.


The Wheel of Life
6 North Malvern Road
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